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You were on holiday in Australia, when out of nowhere you were knocked unconscious. You wake up in a mysterious office building in the middle of an island belonging to Hindley Technologies. One of their experiments has gone wrong, and the building is now infested with spiders the size of dogs! You must find a way off this island while defending yourself against the hideous tarantulas. 


The goal of the game is to retrieve the radio from the ground floor storage area, while fending off the many enemies in your way. There are limited supplies of health and ammo scattered around the whole building. You will need to explore your surroundings in order to gather enough resources to sufficiently defend yourself.

Your only weapon is a pistol, and to reload it you must eject the clip and load each bullet into the clip one by one (similar to the game Receiver).

Your health is shown in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Like in Resident Evil, green means "Fine", yellow means "Caution" and red means "Danger". You can heal yourself with med-kits. Small med-kits heal 25 health points, and large med-kits heal to maximum health.

Enemies will lose sight of you if you hide behind a wall/table/box.

You have the choice of playing as one of two characters, Nick and Briony.

Instructions for the controls, and sound credits are included in the README file.


FOTA.zip 90 MB


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Neat idea!